Wednesday, 13 March 2013

cry-babies cry

these vehicles have cry-babies in them
Paris north-west and western France have a lot of snow, and sub-zero temperatures, and have had for several days. They don't usually get much of that in the winter. Here in Alsace we do, every year, and there is rarely any disruption to transport or other services. Although at present we have no snow in town, and temperatures are above freezing in the daytime. There are so many people who have been in vehicles on main roads like the one pictured for a long time that the Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, a man of quite startling dullness, has made a statement this morning. I managed to stay awake for most of it. He appeared to blame lorry drivers (not French, most of them, you see), who did not follow the  advice to stay off those roads, broadcast on most of the French media a day or two ago. Hmmm. A driver who has been in her car for 28 hours was interviewed this morning. She sounded worn out, as well she might. She moaned and complained that although the firefighters were doing a good job of visiting cars and asking if their occupants needed anything, the people in the cars were getting no real help. The State should do something, she said, and the broadcasters interviewing her agreed. Yes. Weather, hey? I blame the Government. Me? I blame the cretins who go out on icy roads in their stinky tin boxes, engage in risky behaviour, and then expect to be bailed out by State employees (and how did the firefighters reach the cars, huh?) Those drivers CHOSE to spend 28 hours in their cars. Idiots. I like most things about living in France, but the constant cry-baby behaviour is not one of them. Grow up, La France, and take responsibility for  your actions. Oh and stop State funding of homeopathy. Homeopathy is BOLLOCKS.

Bonne journee peeps. Have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

Same here in the south.
Drivers saying the authorities knew the snow was coming. I was shouting back - so why were you out in it when you knew as well!
A Council also had to patiently explain that their gritters couldn't get through if there was an artic on it's side blocking the road.

Anonymous said...

Getting gobbie again eh carrot top? You be careful the French don't boot you out like the Labour Party did or we might end up lumbered with you again here in blighty!

Jane Griffiths said...

"Gobbie", Anon 0748? (Always a pleasure) What is Gobbie? Some kind of northern vegetable, or an exotic sexual practice? Why do you read this blog?