Wednesday, 9 February 2011

what was she thinking of and what did he say?

Was has made some remarks. He made them on Twitter, last week, while he was watching BBC Question Time. Little Dunky has gone a bit over the top about them, and may face legal action as a result. But otherwise, silence, for the past 24 hours. Until now. When Redlands Labour chooses to comment, in the person of one J. Gavin. She describes his remarks as racist. No-one else in Reading Labour does so. If they think he has used racist language let them say so and take the appropriate measures. Or let them support J. Gavin in her own choice of remarks. Anyone? Anyone? *sound of tumbleweed*


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Anonymous said...

I don’t belong to Reading Labour and I am not one of the boys as you like to call them but if some non entity - I think he calls himself was - feels inclined to tweet late at night "is it because I is black" towards a black member of the labour party appearing on Question Time then he is most definitely a racist.

Anonymous said...

These'racist'accussations get thrown around like confetti.

I think the comment referred to was invented by Lenny Henry is
he as racist.

Labour people should focus on the
inequality which affects ethnic

Of course that would mean examining
their miserable record while in government.

Anonymous said...

It's unclear whether he is racist or just very stupid. For someone so dedicated to direct combat with Reading Labour he's shot himself in the foot. Bye.

Anonymous said...

And now he has resigned. Won't be missed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 00:34 complete rubbish. Warren Swaine is loathed by Reading Labour because he has been successfully unearthing information about their corrupt administration and dared to put it into the public domain.

Labour targets anyone who they deem threatening and, as Jane often says, their usual attacks include racism. Why? Because it is notoriously difficult to disprove and as a result, others are reticent to stick their heads out and stand up to Labour's crass bullying

Nowtas said...

He has stepped down from a post relevent to Sustainability. Does that really mean we will see no more of him within the RBC? Not racist. Not perfumed. Just kind.

Are all his haters on this issue people who felt sorry for Sutton when he lost out to Swaine, and promptly let the local populace know what he thought of them? "It's unclear whether he is racist or just very stupid." Neither. "For someone so dedicated to direct combat with Reading Labour he's shot himself in the foot." He seems to have been skipping around them playfully of late rather than fighting - perhaps that means the same thing to some people?

The local Labour lot did so well playing at being the defenders of the ethnic minorities in Reading last year. I do hope they keep it up as their only idea of gathering support. It's been a total failure outside of a couple of the wards.

Anonymous said...

After this sudden outburst of morals from Lovelock and co I notice that Richard McKenzie is still candidate in Park Ward. Presumably this was an oversight and they meant to drop quietly drop him?

Lawrence said...

I don't know the history? Did Richard McKenzie hit his wife or is that just rumour?

In regards to Swaine he's been saying some stupid things on Twitter and it was bound to catch up with him. It's one thing attacking Labour but he began to attack Labour voters and now has gone and made this silly racial comment.

Anonymous said...

Now, will Ed Milliband intervene and ask this character to stand down??:

Councillor Will Stoodley must apologise over 'vicious' blog criticising Marilyn Ashton and Pravin Seedher
1:32pm Thursday 17th February 2011

Print Email Share Comments(1) By Jack Royston »

A LABOUR councillor rapped over “vicious” online comments made about rivals should have been suspended, one victim claims.

Councillor William Stoodley (Lab/West Harrow) was found to have made disrespectful remarks about ex-Tory councillor Marilyn Ashton, formerly responsible for planning, and Conservative Party member Pravin Seedher.

The remarks were made on Cllr Stoodley's blog. In the case of Mrs Ashton he was found to have brought the office of councillor and Harrow Council into disrepute and must now issue her a formal apology.

If he fails to do so by March 9 he will be suspended for a month, a standards hearing ruled on Wednesday last week.

Mrs Ashton said: “Quite frankly that's not good enough. I'm disappointed because I actually don't think he is a suitable person and it's a shame for the people in his ward.

“He is obviously not the sort of caliber, in terms of his behaviour, that one would expect to hold office.

“His attack on me was completely inaccurate, it was vicious, libelous, without a shred of evidence and he's shown no remorse.”

He hit Mr Seedher, of Hawthorne Drive, Harrow, with a barrage of insults and accused him of “regurgitating” Tory propaganda.

Mr Seedher said: “Disgraced Councillor Stoodley ranks as the rudest councillor I have come across. By his own admission he was ignorant of the councillor’s code of conduct and appears to delight in abusing people he disagrees with.”

Cristian Marcucci, a spokesman for the council, said: “The breach stemmed from comments in a blog kept by Cllr Stoodley.

“Cllr Stoodley was found to have failed to treat the complainants with respect and to have brought the Office of Councillor and the Authority into disrepute in relation to one of the complainants only.

“The Committee decided that Cllr Stoodley should send a written apology to former Harrow councillor Marilyn Ashton.

“Failure to do so by 9th March would lead to a one-month suspension from the Council.”