Friday, 5 November 2010

an excellent result

from my uploading of a few pix to Reading Labour's Facebook page, as follows:

Reading and District Labour Party Hi Jane, My name is Duncan and I administer the Reading Labour Facebook page. We never met and I am happy to have you contribute to this page, but if you wish to upload pictures which appear to have no point I will have to block you. I'm afraid Reading Labour has changed quite a bit in 5 years.

Er, well, it hasn't if it still will not admit dialogue.  Or comment.  Little lesson for Dunky - Facebook is not a broadcast mode but an interactive one.  I remember the savage bullying of a party member who produced a paper newsletter, for internal consumption only, before Facebook, blogs or even websites were much thought of.  So what has changed?  Answers in the comments please lovely boys.


Anonymous said...

Yeah - well I expect you will have to apply comment moderation - or this time, why not let us know exactly what is out there?!!

janestheone said...

still waiting - and comment moderation is always on here, I keep a clean house

Was said...

Duncan doesn't really get this new fangled technology or social media etiquette, so he's in the right party.

@readinglabour is also hilarious. Should just rename it @readinglies and be done with it.

dazmando said...

Interesting Blog Jame I linked to it on Bracknell blog here. Some times I hate politics

Duncan said...

Thank you for making fun of me Warren, you've shown me why I am not a Liberal Democrat and why young people are flocking to Labour. I don't know if you realise but making fun of a young person who is trying to be active in politics and hopefully to be a force for good is not how to win back the youth vote. No wonder the LibDems are at 9%.

janestheone said...

au contraire Duncan, politics can sometimes be Horrid and Beastly, so you must develop a thicker skin.

Jonny said...

Duncan - a warning from a fellow socialist (at least I hope you are) - Warren is a pussycat: a misguided pussycat, to be sure; but his attacks and sarcasm are always rational. It is your friends to whom you should look for the greater threat.

Anonymous said...

Please stop bickering. Attacks "ad hominem" never got anyone anywhere. (except on the front pages of the tabloids)

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jane - and it is exceptionally Horrid and Beastly in the Labour Party - and people in the Labour Party are usually Horrid and Beastly to anyone who is trying to DO anything ( and proving effective at it with the voters) because they are perceived to be a Threat and MUST THEREFORE BE REMOVED.

And hereby endeth the Lesson.

Chapter 6, Verse 55, LABOUR EXODUS

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 09:53

Yes and it shall end that the Labour Party is in opposition, the Members shall be happy with that state and new members shall flock unto the Party.

The Condem nation shall love that state and shall go on ruling delivering a plague to the poor and heaven's riches to them that hath.

Was said...

Horrid and beastly Duncan?

You posted on the #rdg hash tag a sneering post about a tweet by Daisy Benson which she had posted to her followers only. You denied that you were following her to which I made the horrid claim that that made you a stalker and you were a dirty boy. I also offered to remove all my tweets pulling you up on it if you deleted yours. I did and you didn't. How beastly of me.

Your party published an outright election lie about Daisy (because it likes attacking females), refused to withdraw it and then compounded it. The Lib Dem Reading West campaign was all positive. Labour's was all negative. It's why in Reading West of the 12% drop in the Labour vote 9% of it went to Daisy.

And your answer to being pulled up for continuing with Labour's nasty gutter politics is "Don't blame me I'm young and foolish." Well, here's a free political tip for you. People do not like your type of politics, grow up.

And if you think that's still being nasty, just thank your stars that muckspReading is temporarily off-air.

That, of course, might change ;0)

Anonymous said...

Duncan. Dear.
Why is it so beastly to make fun of a young person who is trying to be active in the Labour Party?

Is that any worse ( or more beastly and horrid) than making fun of a middle aged person or an old person?

Ah youth - lads and girls and dust etc.